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Family Fellowship Members

Our Foundation Family Fellowship Program offers the entire family an opportunity to make a genuine contribution whilst becoming closely involved with TEWFI on an ongoing basis, and from one generation to the next. This unique donor club welcomes supporters who have either donated a lump sum of Rs.100,000, or whose accumulated donations have reached this great milestone.

Fellowship membership offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Membership of The East West Foundation of India, receiving regular updates
  • Arrangements for accommodation at Uluru Children’s Home as guests of TEWFI, subject to availability
  • Arrangements for Transportation to UCH (including pick-up and drop-off from Chennai airport if required)
  • Assistance and advice with respect to travel from UCH to all nearby tourist destinations
  • Family fellows may apply to volunteer their skills or expertise

list of Foundation Family Fellowship members is as follows:

  • Drs. Chitra and Natteri Chandran (AUS)
  • Drs. Shameem and Mani Menon (USA)
  • Dr. Shyamala Rao (USA)
  • Drs. Janaki and Balakrishnan (USA)
  • Drs. Kalyani and Sethu Krishnan (USA)
  • Drs. Gouri and Murali Sivarajan (USA)
  • Dr. Raj Kumar (AUS)
  • Ms. Aditi Chandran and Mr. Shiv Chandran (USA & AUS)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ramalinga Raya Reddy (IND)
  • Dr. Vimala Selvadurai (SING)
  • Mr. And Mrs. Thamby and Susila Naidu (AUS)
  • Dr. Chandra Ramamoorthy (USA)
  • Ms. Sita and Mr.Varun Bhaskar (USA)
  • Mr. Solraj Gopala Chandrababu (USA)
  • Mr. V. G. S. Mani (UAE)
  • Drs. Patricia and Mathuram Santhosham (USA)
  • Mrs. Preeth David (SING)
  • Mr. And Mrs. Mohammed and Naseem Mynuddin (USA)
  • Dr. Samuel Ginsberg (AUS)
  • Ms. Paula Fitzgerald (AUS)
  • Mrs. Cheryl Taylor-Plumb (AUS)
  • Mr and Mrs Arjan Dev and Sudesh Rani Tuli(AUS)
  • Mr and Mrs Peter and Rae Gunn(AUS)
  • Mr. Ramaswamy Krishnamurthy (IND)
  • Drs. Mary and Anthony Joseph (USA)
  • Drs. Pankaja and Venkat Raman (USA)
  • Mr. and Mrs. John and Denise Hutchins (AUS)
  • Dr. A. Bharati (USA)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ashok and Karishma Aswani (AUS)
  • Justice Ron and Beth Merkel (AUS)
  • Justice Alan and Rachel Goldberg (AUS)
  • Mrs. Devi Doraiswamy (AUS)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Mona Singham (AUS)
  • Mr. and Mrs. David and Christine Parsons (AUS)
  • Mrs. Susanne Pearce (AUS)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeet and Vijay Soni (AUS)
  • Ms. Jan Wiburd (AUS)
  • Ms. Elizabeth Schmidt (AUS)
  • Mr. P. Yesuthasen (IND)
  • Mr. Anthony Godbold (AUS)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Mary Brett (AUS)

To join this list, please visit our donations page.

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