“Rather light a candle than complain about the darkness” - Chinese proverb
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  •                 A power point presentation on Conservation of energy by the older children at UCH
    A power point presentation on Conservation of energy by the older children at UCH
  • The Bodhi Dharma statue
    The Bodhi Dharma statue
Children’s project

Children at our Children’s home are encouraged and guided to take some innovative projects and complete it. The objective of this programme is to help them developing their creativity, realize their responsibilities in the society, the skills required to plan, manage time, budgeting, etc involved in commencement and the completion of the project. As such the children have been involved so far in the following projects.

• Saraswathi Statue Project: Click here to view the dedication of the Saraswathi Statue Project
• A presentation on the historical kings: The older children at UCH were prepared a presentation on the historical kings. According to their inspiration each girls prepared a presentation in Tamil on the kings of Ashoka, Akbar and Chatrapathi Sivaji.
• Bodhi Dharma Statue Project: Our elder girls at Uluru Children’s Home were involved in setting up a statue for Bodhi Dharma who is born in Kancheepuram, the founder of Zen. The unveiling ceremony was held in Zen Traditional way by the Monks from Japan. More detail about this project can known by going though the following links.
Click here to view a note from the Founder which was sent across while inviting for the unveiling of the Bodhi Dharma Statue.
Click here to view the Bodhi Dharma plaque
A short history of Bodhi Dharma by Tsutomu Kambe
Invitation of Unveiling of Bodhi Dharma Statue
• A presentation on Conservation of Energy: Older children at UCH prepared a presentation on Conservation of Energy , which was presented to all the Staff of UCH. The objective of the programme is to create awareness among the staff the consequences of non-energy saving human practices and also about the ways we can save the energy. Click here to view the presentation prepared by the Children on the Conservation of Energy.

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