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  • An excursion to museum in Chennai
    An excursion to museum in Chennai
  • Independence day celebration
    Independence day celebration
  • Vinayagar chathurthi celebration
    Vinayagar chathurthi celebration
Excursions, Trips and Special Events

The children of Uluru Children’s Home (UCH) enjoy outings, trips, and special events when it is sponsored by a volunteer or visitor or through a donationan. The excusion can be a simple, short boat trip down the backwaters to a beach to play in the water. Or on a larger scale, some of the recent trips include:

  • Thiruvanamalai: Children visited the famous Annamalaiar temple at Thiruvanamalai on a day trip. This temple is important in the Hindu culture.
  • Sathanoor Dam: Awareness and appreciation for the environment was emphasized via a day trip to Sathanoor dam, and its sacred river.
  • Pondicherry: The closest major city to UCH, Pondicherry has a number of main attractions. These, which include the botanical garden, the Aurobindo Ashram, and beach.  The attractions are then followed by lunch at one of the local restaurants.
  • Mamallapuram: The rich culture and history of this town were appreciated by the children. It is only a 1 hour bus trip from UCH, so the children were able to visit its famous shore temple, as well as the rock carvings, including Arjuna’s penance. In addition, the crocodile park near Chennai was visited.
  • Chennai Airport: As most of the children at UCH would not have been on a plane, let alone a busy airport, the older girls were taken to Chennai airport. Here, they learnt about the infrastructure of a major airport, how an airport works, and how planes take off and land.
  • VGP golden beach and MGM theme park: As a day off their busy schedule, children were treated to a day’s excursion to a beach and theme park.
  • Chennai Vandalur Zoo: A zoo is an ideal place for children, especially young ones, to learn about and appreciate the animal kingdom. This day trip was very popular with the children.
  • Singee Fort: Situated in the Villapuram district, 60km from Uluru, this historical fort was once home to a King. Children were taken to visit this important site for a day trip.
  • Movie and Popcorn: Children were driven to taken to Pondycherry for current popular movies. This seems to be a highlighted event because the movie is usually talked about for weeks after.
  • Vedanthangal Bird Sancturary: Birds galore were spotted and enjoyed by the children.  This was a well received nature excursions

These educational trips have all occurred only due to the generosity of people like you who have wished to give the UCH children something special that they will not only remember and enjoy thoroughly, but also learn from. If you wish to sponsor an outing or trip for the UCH children, please visit our donations page.

In addition to educational trips and outings, events celebrated at UCH include:

  • UCH Annual Day (October 6): Each year, as early October approaches, the UCH children become very busy as they prepare for their Annual Day celebrations. This day marks the opening of UCH. The gala performance put together by the children includes many forms of dance, drama, music, karate, comedy, mime and talent shows.
  • Religious festivals: Deepavali, Pongal, Sarasvati pooja, Vinayakar pooja, Christmas: To celebrate these important cultural events in the Hindu and Christian calendars, special poojas or prayers are undertaken at the children’s home. Children are taught the meaning and significance of each event before enjoying a special feast.
  • National days: Independence day (August 15), Republic day (January 26): These two important days on India’s calendar are enjoyed by UCH children andS a special feast is provided.

These special events only happen due to the generosity of local people, overseas volunteers, Trustees, and visitors, who pay for or donate the meal and provisions. If you wish to sponsor a special event, please visit our donations page.

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