“ The butterfly counts not months but moments And has time enough ” - Rabindranath Tagore
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Life Skills Education

A large number of people in the community have been involving in anti social activities which create a number of social problems such as alcoholism, drug abuse, and smoking.

On some occasions there are conflicts between the communities which can arise for a range of reasons but the root cause of the conflicts seems to be caused by a difference in values. Of course there will always be differences in values but people need to understand the values of each of other. In this way conflicts can hopefully be avoided.

Some people can be very rude and this is not pleasant for our visitors. TEWFI believes that children are the back bone of our future society and as a result we have been organizing the “Life Skills Education” programme in the local schools and in the Community. This programme is being run in 6 local schools and in 3 Communities and it has helped the children to adopt positive behavior changes that enable individuals to deal effectively with demands and challenges in every day life

Currently, classes are conducted for children on a variety of topics including:

  • Moral values
  • Coping with fear and other emotions
  • Self-esteem and personality development
  • Decision making
  • Self awareness
  • Time management and goal setting
  • Handling and solving problems

All these topics are taught to the children by such means as telling stories, role plays, group discussions and making crafts. The impact of the programme has been significant. Developing life skills has helped the children translate the knowledge they have acquired into changing their attitude and their health behavior.  Changes we have noticed include acquiring the ability to reduce specific risk behavior and the adoption of healthy behavior.

Improved life skills have produced the following effects: reduced violent behavior; increased pro-social behavior by reducing negative, self-destructive behavior; increased the ability to plan ahead and choose effective solutions to problems; improved self-image, self-awareness, social and emotional adjustment; increased acquisition of knowledge; improved classroom behavior; there are gains in self control and sociability; better handling of interpersonal problems and coping with anxiety; and improved constructive conflict resolution with peers.

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