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Secondary School

TEWFI hopes to work with the people of Alamparai and Tamil Nadu to open a secondary school in the near future as at present there is no secondary school in Alamparai. The standard of education available in the area is very poor, attendance is low and very few children go on to study beyond primary or lower secondary school. There is one school in the area but is in a village some kilometres away, making it impossible for many Alamparai children to attend. As with many schools, this particular school is also vastly under resourced.

One of the major problems in rural India is the widening gap between the quality of educational institutions in rural and urban areas. This makes it exceedingly difficult for rural children to access higher education.

The Government of Tamil Nadu reserves a quota number of university placements for rural children every year. It is nonetheless difficult for children in remote areas to secure these placements, particularly those whose economic backgrounds give their families little chance of funding their continued higher education.

TEWFI hopes that by assisting with the establishment of a school that provides free, good quality and well-rounded education, the children of Uluru Children’s Home and Alamparai may have the opportunity to go on for higher education.

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