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Road Safety Awareness programme

TEWFI realize that the youth must be taught Road Safety. There are many accidents occurring in the ECR and also a few on the road towards Alamparai from ECR. Sadly one young boy died as a result of a local accident.

Of course the people who cause accidents are not only ones who suffer as many others are also affected when people are killed or injured in road accidents. TEWFI wants to organize an awareness programme for the Youth in the community. It was also observed among the youth groups using two wheelers that they travel too quickly and that may cause danger to the children who are walking to the school. The children in the school are being taught about Road safety along with the Health Education Classes. Following topics were covered through this programme.

  • Various Traffic Signals
  • Traffic Rules
  • Road Traffic Legislations
  • Motor Vehicles Act 1988
  • Offences and penalties
  • Using Helmets while driving two wheelers
  • Fuel consumption etc.

So far this awareness programme has been organized for the young people in three villages. It is planned to organize this programme for the Auto drivers, the children and the youth groups in all the communities of Edaikazhinadu Panchayat.

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