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Solid Waste Management Project

The headquarters of TEWFI are situated in a community which possesses a lack of awareness of the consequences of poor waste management. This causes the appearance of the community to be compromised and means the naturally beautiful features cannot be enjoyed.

TEWFI has commenced a waste management initiative, with the intention of restoring the community area from a previously damaged state to its original condition. The scheme was initially commenced at a low level by organising youth groups in the fishing communities to collect rubbish from around the beach areas, and the village communities. In return TEWFI has rewarded the youth groups with much needed sports equipment.

As a  result of a continuing lack of access to an efficient waste management system, the problem of waste in the community persisted. TEWFI has collaborated with Pitchandikullam Bio-Resource Centre (PBRC) in the organisation of several community programmes. With the assistance of PBRC, liaison with the Government has been possible to obtain funds for the establishment of waste management infrastructure.

In Dec 2009, the Government provided funding and a well established infrastructure for undertaking the Waste Management project.  The infrastructure has the facility to segregate the degradable and non-degradable waste in vermi composting pits.

Currently, Government appointed staff collect the rubbish from the communities around the Edaikazhinadu Panchayat.  TEWFI and PBRC have appointed and are providing salaries to a watchman, and two cleaners whose job is to segregate the wastes. The Non-degradable wastes have been sold to the recycling agents. The degradable wastes are used for the process of Vermi composting.  A vegetable garden has also been established in the land surrounding the building and it is being maintained. The vegetables grown in the garden are being sold in the Kadapakkam Market.

It is hoped that the project will continue to run successfully, to help meet the expenses involved in the employment of local people and also to allow for the extension of the project to other Panchayats.

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