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Mushroom Cultivation

One scheme which will allow the community to be able to sustain itself using minimal resources is a mushroom growing initiative. After obtaining mushroom seeds from Gandhigram Rural University from Mr. Ethiraj (Dindugal district, Tamil Nadu), the TEWFI social worker in charge of the scheme is testing the growing process in his home as a pilot study.

The next step is to set up a trial mushroom growing facility with the women and girls in the community, and eventually students at the local school.

Mushrooms – this highly nutritious, little known vegetable in this region will initially be used as a supplement to the food at Uluru Children’s Home (UCH), and eventually, will hopefully be sold in the markets to provide some income and nutrition for the local community.

If you or anyone you know has knowledge or funds, that may help us with our mushroom growing scheme, please visit our donations page or contact us for more information.

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