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Career Guidance Programme

Career guidance for students in the schools is an important programme to guide the students in an appropriate direction. The Students in rural communities who progress to Higher Secondary Education are not given suitable direction in choosing the best career options. The students are uncertain about which course to choose following their graduation. It is because of the lack of opportunity & exposure to the various universities and the courses offered in those universities and also the employment opportunities available after completing the particular courses. There is an absence of people in the community who have undertaken higher education studies that can be role models and steer children in the right direction. As a consequence in many cases, the interested and aspiring students cannot achieve their ambition.

Some of the students in the community were approaching the TEWFI Social Workers regarding the courses offered at the universities. They were guided to choose the right course according to their ability. Recently TEWFI has obtained permission from the Higher Secondary School at Kadapakkam to provide career guidance to the 10th, 11th and 12th Std students. This programme will assist them in choosing better career options. Under this programme children and the youth groups who are progressing to Higher Education are provided with guidance in choosing courses according to their ability and also choosing the Institutions with the help of the e-directories. This programme will provide students with motivation and give exposures to various educational institutions and the courses offered in it.

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