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  • Community children learning english
    Community children learning english
  • Community children learning english
    Community children learning english
  • Volunteer taking english class
    Volunteer taking english class
English Classes

Evening English Education programme for the Community Children:

Opportunities for individuals in the community are somewhat constrained by their English speaking ability. Most tertiary educational institutions, including the highly-rated universities in India, teach in the English language. The children in the community who want to attain tertiary education cannot cope with the standard. Many multinational companies and other business firms require the students to be highly proficient in English. Though the children in the rural community are somehow able to attain the tertiary education, they have not been able to obtain employment. In addition, the Central government uses English as the medium of communication. The people in the community need to English to liaise and communicate.

TEWFI realized the importance of developing literacy and communication skills in English for the children. In addition to the English Education programme in the local schools, TEWFI has been conducting English Education programmes for the children in the community. Currently the classes have been conducted everyday for around 50 children in the community. The children are divided in to three different groups as Primary level, Intermediate level and advanced level. Intervention is provided to the children according to their level. The teaching methods include the use of flash cards, worksheets, group discussions, drawing and labelling and literacy games. Volunteers from overseas are mainly involved in teaching the intermediate and advanced level children. Exposure to the international volunteers helps students to understand the need for English speaking skills and creates an interest through questioning and other interactions. We have observed many positive changes in the children. The children benefited from this programme by improving their English literacy and speaking skills. Most of the attendees are children who interact enthusiastically.

In addition, those in the community may learn English via computer facilitated learning at the Vicki Standish e-Education Centre. Recently one of our Volunteer has donated an English learning Software called Rosetta stone which is being used to teach English.

If you are able to speak and read and write English and Tamil (whatever your proficiency) and would like to help those in the community, please see our Volunteer page.

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