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Education program

Uluru Children’s Home Educational Enrichment Program
Like most government schools in rural India, the quality of local schools in the Kadapakkam area is very poor. Government schools are under resourced, have poor infrastructure, large teacher-student ratios, low teacher attendance and lack of equipment and teaching materials. This continues to result in high levels of poor education.

To ensure the children at Uluru Children’s Home (UCH) are given a decent quality of education, a recent addition to UCH has been the development of an educational enrichment programme. This involves the employment (by TEWFI at the cost of on average of 1746 rupees per month ) of local school teachers with most having 4+ years of univeristy training. The teachers come to UCH in the evenings to conduct classes for the children. There is one teacher assigned to three to six children. This impressive ratio helps the teacher focus on the educational needs of each chld.

In session for 1-1/2 hours every weekday evening  the chldren of UCH get extra help for their studies and homework, with a different subject being taught on different days. In addition, each Saturday morning a further, special three-hour tutorial class is held. Weekly tests are given to assess each child’s performance, and the results are tabulated as part of each child’s weekly and monthly report. This helps keep closely monitor the children’s progress and the effectiveness of this programme. The success of this programme can also be documented by their progress in the locals schools.  Each child has significantly improved in school.  One exceptional example is the accomplishment of one of the girls who is in eleventh standard.  Before she came to UCH she was not going to school and was a couple years behind for her age, and now she is ranked first for her class. Most of the children rank within the top ten of their standard.

In addition, computers are used as part of this educational enrichment programme at the Vicki Standish e-Education Centre. The children attend these classes once per week which are taught by computer specialists.

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