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Literacy Classes

TEWFI observed that many students, who are studying in surrounding local schools, have not been able to develop the literacy skills even in Tamil even after their primary schooling. It is because of the low quality education in the pre-school and primary level. The preschool and the primary school children in the urban communities have parents in the urban who supplement their studies with the provision of additional tuition after school. In the rural communities, parents are illiterate and do not have the means to provide such tuition. Accessibility of dedicated qualified teachers is difficult in our communities. As the students are not developing the literacy skills in their primary language of Tamil and the second language of English, the students have not been able to cope up at the Middle and High school level. Consequently the students have been dropped out at the Middle school level. TEWFI has been running the literacy education classes for the students in the local schools particularly to improve reading and writing skills in Tamil and English. The prime target of the programme is the primary school student. Using flash cards and charts comprising of letters and simple words, the children are helped with their literacy skills. The programme has made a significant impact among the children.  Around 50 children have benefited through this programme, TEWFI is now planning to extend this programme to all other local schools.

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