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Vicki Standish e-Education Centre

In collaboration with Engineers Without Borders Australia, TEWFI has built an e-Education Centre. Oficially opened on 22 January 2008, this is the first computer centre for this rural region. Located adjacent to the Uluru Children’s Home (UCH), this centre is accessible to the residents from surrounding villages, in addition to the children from UCH.

Due to insufficient funds, the e-Education Centre currently features only nine PC work stations. However, we are urgently seeking more financial support to cater for our aim of expanding the network to make it into a multifunctional centre featuring a projector and a total of 35 computers. This function of the centre is to cater to the ongoing, long-term educational needs of the children at UCH, as well as to the wider community, by:

TEWFI has employed local IT-literate staff to run and maintain this computer centre and help those visiting it.

Generous supporters who have made this centre possible are:

  • Alternative for India Development (AID India)
  • Linux Users Group, IIT Chennai
  • MSSRF (M. S. Swaminathan Research Foundation).

However, sponsors are still needed to ensure the e-Education Centre is adequately equipped as early as possible. As an example, on one day on a weekend, 50 local children, on average, will visit the centre. Due to the lack of computers, these children must spend most of their time waiting for their turn. A small plaque dedicating the computer to you or to your company will be displayed on site, and all donors will be provided with a tax deductible receipt and thank you letter.

The “wishlist” for the e-Education Centre can be found here. Please take a minute to browse this list to see if you or someone you know would be willing to donate these urgently needed goods, resources or skills. Alternatively, please refer to the donations page if you would like to sponsor a workstation (around Rs. 25,000), or contact us for more inform

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