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eClassroom on Wheels Project

Whatever project TEWFI initiates we would like it to make a great difference in the Community. In August 2010 as one of our initiatives TEWFI launched and ran the Mobile Computer Wallah Project. The impact of the project was significant. We have decided to deliver this project in as eClassroom on Wheels due to the inadequate facilities (Space, table, chairs, electricity etc) in the communities and in the schools.

TEWFI has recently obtained generous donations from the Cognizant Foundation under their Corporate Social Responsibility for establishing e-Classroom on Wheels Project. A 32 seater mini bus will be altered to allow 20 to 25 students to attend classes inside the bus. Each seat will have a foldable tray at the rear where a netbook computer can be placed. The bus will have air conditioning to allow the students to concentrate better in a comfortable environment, especially during summer and there will also be an LCD screen or LCD TV which will be fixed in front of the bus. There will also be the opportunity to operate a portable LCD. We think that as a result the he students will feel as if they are in a normal classroom. The door will be closed once the students enter the bus. This concept will help us run classes in villages where it was previously impossible. Less importantly, it will also reduce the time consumed for arranging rooms, furniture, electricity supply etc.

In this project the school children will be taught their range of subjects such as Tamil, English, Maths, and Science, using the Azim Premzi Foundation’s Education software.

Cognizant Foundation has asked that a pilot project be run in two schools and that they then be provided with a report on the pilot project. At the completion of the pilot project TEWFI will then extend the project to students in 5 local schools, children in 5 local communities, and the young people and adolescent girls in 4 local communities. This will mean the bus will be used not only to provide Computer Education but also to educate women, children, adolescent girls, and the young people on various health issues such as personal hygiene, sexual education, reproductive and child health care and various relevant Government schemes.

All the modifications and the installments of equipments inside the bus to run the class was finished on 12th May 2011. It was planned to run a Summer School Programme in two local villages to test the workability of the equipments. The below links will take you to the detailed programme plan and the completion report of the programme.

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