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Workshops and Trainings

A lack of resources and under utilisation of those resources that exist are a major reason for the low standard of education in the local school. Despite Government initiatives to improve resources in schools, the progress is slow. It is also necessary for teachers to be trained in the effective utilisation of the available resources so educational outcomes can be improved.

Teachers in the Government schools in the Edaikazhinadu Panchayat lack skills in computer operation and the use of other modern technologies which are provided by the Government to the schools. The children cannot visualise or conceptualise what is being taught because teachers are unable to demonstrate and model in a meaningful way. Apart from new technologies, teachers need to be able to show their students what is required to reinforce the learning process. The lack of exposure to good teaching methods can cause the children to feel inferior and isolated when they progress to higher education.

Our Foundation has conducted workshops for the teachers in the local schools on computer literacy and also on using the educational software obtained from the Azim Premzi Foundation. About 25 teachers participated in the training. They found that this training was very useful as they are not able to use the computers in their schools because they lack the necessary skills. After organising this programme the teachers were able to operate a computer.

After graduation the students need to be prepared for taking seminar classes using Power Point software. In order to assist them TEWFI has been providing training to the Higher Secondary Schools Students in the preparation of a Power Point Presentation. A presentation done by the Higher Secondary School students at VSeEC is given as a link here.

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