“ A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step ”- Lao Tzu
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  • An exposure visit for the local school children to Nadukuppam
    An exposure visit for the local school children to Nadukuppam
  • World Environment Day Celebration
    World Environment Day Celebration
  • The children watching a show on Environment education
    The children watching a show on Environment education
  • Community children involved in painting activities during a workshop on Environment
    Community children involved in painting activities during a workshop on Environment
Environmental Sustainability

There is no one word to adequately describe the natural environment surrounding the Edaikazhinadu Town Panchayat where TEWFI is located.
The comely back water, the cool breeze coming out of the Bay of Bengal and the beauteous land cultivated with various crops such as Rice paddies, cashew nuts, coconut and mango trees are part of this special place.
This Edaikazhinadu Town Panchayat has been ‘pleasant to the eyes’ to visitors and tourists from across the world.
Work on sustaining such an environment for the future is becoming more and more important.
The over use of plastics, the cutting down of trees, construction of cement roads every where, not giving appropriate importance to saving rain water are some of the issues which will continue to impact on this beautiful environment if not addressed.

TEWFI would like to prevent damage being caused to the environment by educating the community about the importance of taking care of it.
TEWFI has been introducing an innovative way of educating the community to help it realize the importance of each and every person in the role of safeguarding the environment through a range of out reach programs.
The people living in the coastal areas are educated about sustainable fishing, marine species, etc. The people in the farming communities have been educated about sustainable farming, introduction of new technologies in farming and irrigation facilities.

TEWFI, in collaboration with the Pitchandikulam Forests Resource Centre in Auroville has constructed an Environment Centre called Uluru Coastal Environment Education Centre. The students from local schools have been attended the centre for workshops on the environment.
TEWFI has also been conducting other outreach programmes in local schools and communities.

TEWFI has appointed an Environment Education teacher in the local school to teach children about the environment. The teacher has formed an eco club with the 6th Std students and has guided them to establish a herbal garden inside the school campus. The garden has been used as a practical method to teach the importance, the usage, and the characteristics of herbal plants.

Every year important days such as World Environment Day and World Earth Day is observed in the community through awareness campaigns, rallies, group discussions and displays of videos on the Environment.
TEWFI has also been conducting a feasibility study to establish a Fish for All Training and Resource Centre where the fisherman in the local community will be provided with the knowledge of using modern technologies in fishing whilst ensuring sustainable fishing practices are also understood.

The links below will take you to some of the current and planned projects.

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