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  • An awareness for youth group on Safe usage of Mobile Phones
    An awareness for youth group on Safe usage of Mobile Phones
Safe usage of mobile phone

In the emerging world of technology, mobile phones play a vital role in communication. They have reached even the remote rural places. Increasing use has made people’s lives easier but has also caused some negative effects due to their improper usage.  Some people are using mobile phones while charging the battery, or talking on the phone when there are storms with lightening. Some use their phones while driving, or when they are in petrol bunks, or while cooking using Gas cylinders etc.  Some times thus kind of improper use can cause even death. Examples of this have appeared in the News papers. Using phones in public places like Hospitals has become a nuisance. People used to forward information regarding these things through Short Message Service (SMS), but most of the people in the community are uneducated and cannot read what has been received through their mobile phone. TEWFI has created awareness among people in the community regarding the correct usage of mobile phones by organising programmes in which TEWFI’s social workers inform participants of the ill effects of mobile phones on their hearing, brain, and eyesight.  Our Social Workers are also talking about the etiquette of Mobile Phone Usage.  Some people become stressed due to anonymous calls and text messages.  In our programme handling those issues are also being discussed. TEWFI believes that change will happen gradually and it would like to continue this programme for all the community in Edaikazhinadu Panchayat.

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