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  • First aid training
    First aid training
First aid Training

Knowledge of and the provision education on basic First Aid is indispensable to each and every individual, to allow the support and assistance to others in the event of an injury or illness.
Lack of training or poor education in First Aid can result in severe impairment or damage to others. The results may sometimes be catastrophic or life threatening.

The Foundation has discovered that in excess of 90% of people in the community do not receive proper training in the provision of First Aid.

In order to remediate and avoid such problems, TEWFI is continuously organising First Aid training programmes for children, women and adolescents in the community.

First aid education is organised in the community by the Foundation Social Worker with the help of a volunteer, who trained and up to date in the provision of First Aid training. The programme has been planned and organised to provide practical classes, imparting the students with a better knowledge on the use of First Aid.

TEWFI has also set up and regularly maintained a First Aid kit in a local school and has also provided training to the school teachers on the appropriate use of the kit.

In the near future, TEWFI is planning to set up a First Aid kit in all of the schools around Edaikazhinadu Panchayat.

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