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Rural Health Care Software

At Uluru Health Care Centre (UHCC), staff regularly collect information about people in the community with varying health problems, such as diabetes, hypertension, and severe anaemia. Data is also maintained on severely malnourished children, and pregnant women in the community.

This data is currently only kept in simple files, more than often in hard copy. However, the ever-increasing patient numbers, and increasing activities carried out at UHCC means that managing and using this data in a useful way has become too unwieldy.

Patient records are also kept only in hard copy. The shelving space has now become inadequate to store all the records.

For these main reasons, TEWFI is currently searching for an appropriate rural health care software to install at UHCC. Ideally, this software will, at a bare minimum:

  • allow existing records and data to be stored in a database
  • allow data to be accessed easily
  • allow reports to be created
  • allow appointments to be managed
  • allow patient histories to be maintained
  • allow drug usage and purchase to be monitored

If you have any knowledge or skills in this area, or perhaps wish to create such a software for us, your help would be greatly appreciated – please contact us.

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